FAQ: More about BlueDot Solutions

Q: How is BlueDot priced?

BlueDot is subscription based and priced per-license.

1) Cloud version flat fee: A flat fee is paid per-license or you may also buy a package of licenses for a discounted rate. (High Volume). A “user” is defined as unique username and password to access the attorney's module.

2) Enterprise: You host BlueDot on your own servers and pay an annual flat fee. It includes one support license. Additional support licenses are sold separately.

* Users and passwords provided for BlueDot's external modules (Corporate users, Clients, Agents and Regional Centers) do not require a license.

Q: Can I host BlueDot?

Yes. If you have your own IT staff and would like to subscribe and host a BlueDot solution internally, then we will help your IT department install it.

Q: Can I import my data from another software?

Yes. Importing data from another software into to BlueDot is possible to a certain extent. Data import is a one-time fee and are quoted separately.

Q: What is included in the flat fee. Does it include training and support?

Yes, support is provided via email and phone M-F from 9 am to 5 pm ET.

Q: Can BlueDot be customized to fit my needs?

BlueDot solutions provide you with one administrative access. The Administrator can customize different aspects of the system.

Q: Can I login to BlueDot from my website?

Yes. BlueDot provides you with a link that you can add in your website to BlueDot’s login page, we also offer the option of displaying your logo in the Login Page.

Q: Which services are sold separately from the software license?

Support licenses, hard drive space and data import are sold separately.

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