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We researched many immigration and general law firm case management products for over a year before deciding on BlueDot. And the decision is one I don’t regret.

The product has lived up to its promise of simplicity, yet it is a serious program that meets all of our needs. And the BlueDot support has been excellent.

We have used case management software at our firm for most of our 21 years so knew a lot about what we liked and didn’t like in prior products. Our priorities were finding a provider that provided good customer service, reasonable prices, the ability customize to meet our needs and a product that is easy to learn.
BlueDot has met those tests and I happily recommend them.


We have been using Blue Dot in our firm for over four years and so far we have been satisfied. The software is easy to use and inexpensive in comparison to some other case management programs. Customer service is excellent: all our questions were answered the same day.

I also appreciate the flexibility of working with a smaller company that can address your needs.

When we needed an extra billing feature for our account to make things easier for us, Blue Dot made it happen.
I would recommend Blue Dot to any immigration law firm that appreciates simplicity, predictable flat fee, personal relationship and great customer service.

Kseniya Zavala Attorney | JANOS & ZAVALA L.C.

Having worked with a variety of immigration databases, BlueDot is definitely the best-designed and most user-friendly I've encountered. The system is highly customizable, allows users to add notes and reorder steps at the click of button when a case, unavoidably, fails to follow expected course; this makes it easier to track progress and keep key details in the forefront, as cases wind their way through stage after complex stage of the immigration process.

BlueDot not only makes it possible for our company to track case status but allows many people in multiple locations to collaborate on casework and file updates.

This increases efficiency, improves communication with clients and, ultimately, helps our company and our employees better negotiate the complex world of immigration. The few technical difficulties we've encountered in our years of use have been overcome with the dedicated, smart, and empathetic support from BlueDot's tech experts.
This is a company that raises the bar on customer service.

Katie Sellers Paralegal | ITELLIGENCE

BlueDot is simple to use and because of this saves a great deal of time on training both new employees and clients alike. It does what an online database management system should do - make you more efficient!

Mary Ryan Partner | TAYLOR & RYAN LLC

BlueDot is immigration software that does not trade robustness for simplicity. It is as powerful as any immigration software out there, yet it is streamlined so that a law firm without a dedicated IT team can take complete advantage of all its features. Highly recommended.

Chris Musillo Co-Managing Partner | MUSILLO UNKENHOLT LLC

We have been using BlueDot system for many years now. We are very happy with the system and how it helps us with our everyday operations from putting clients comments to completing forms and billing. It is truly a lifesaver.

Customer service is excellent and they always answer our questions asap. Bluedot has been with us from our first small office to our now 3 offices(2 domestic and 1 international) immigration law firm with over 6 users

Claudia Del Castillo-Hronsky, Esq. IMMIGRATION COUNSELS, LLC

Blue Dot has been our first and only support since we started our practice! We have had many opportunities to change provider but have never hesitated to stick with Blue Dot because we have been spoiled. Not only they treat us like family but we sometimes feel were are their only client!

Ileana Arias, Esq. Attorney | ARIAS TOVAR & ASSOCIATES

Throughout my career, I have used different immigration software. BlueDot is definitely the easiest to use and it has all the features I could ask for. The customer service is something that also stands out. I would recommend this software to anyone!

Hugo Pina Managing Partner | GARCIA, RAMIREZ, PINA

Immigration Group LLC is a Law Firm that handles thousands of immigration cases. We have had utilized the services of BlueDot for many years and will attest that this program is a very stable and reliable resource for our immigration needs. This company is excellent in response time to technical support when needed. They are always looking for ways to improve its functionality and keep up with the most recent forms updated by USCIS. We are very satisfied with BlueDot.

Milagros Carcega Senior Paralegal | IMMIGRATION GROUP LLC

BlueDot has been a good tool for our firm. They also make it easy to get tech support quickly and work with you to solve any problem.

Jena Hengstebeck Office Manager | ELLIS PORTER

As a long time customer of BlueDot immigration software company, it is my pleasure to recommend their immigration software product and services to all my colleagues. The product is user friendly, well-priced, and customer service is great. BlueDot has definitely made my practice easier and more efficient than ever before. I prefer the one-on-one personal attention and ease of use to more complex software products I would never fully utilize

Ildiko F.Cseto, Esq. Attorney | LAW OFFICE OF ILDIKO CSETO, ESQ.

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