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The Dashboard is the initial page when you login to BlueDot and it includes:  
A menu to navigate BlueDot.
A shortcuts bar to access the most commonly used page.
A search bar to search for contacts/cases/receipts/employers from one single field.
An alert bar that displays expired documents, reminders and steps, birthdays, a to-do app and a link to your calendar.

It also features shortcuts to the most recent contacts and cases you have worked on, today's reminders and appointments. As well as a graphical representation of documents, reminders and process steps that expire in the next few months.

BlueDot includes a generic questionnaire and custom questionnaires.

The generic questionnaire allows you to capture all the Biographic Information you may need for a case. The custom questionnaires include only the information that you need for a specific case, such as N-400, H-1B or PERM or Adjustment of Status.

The questionnaires are very easy to use. Your client simply fills out an intake form, uploads any relevant documents to the case and submits it for your review.

Languages: The questionnaires are currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. More languages will be added in the near future.

Manage your Contacts with ease.

All information is neatly organized and the system allows to customize certain fields so that all relevant information is saved in one file.
The Contact File also allows you to keep documents that are uploaded and notes in the same place with easy access to the information.

The Case File is very powerful, yet easy to use!

The Case File allows you to link the necessary parties to the case so that the forms populate automatically with the information already entered in the system. Manage all from one single place: Immigration Forms, Reminders, Case Notes, Attached Documents, Letter Merge, Document Checklist and Workflow.

Forms are a breeze to fill out!

We have all the forms you need. The forms fill out with the data you have in the system. The fields that come from the database and populate automatically have a yellow background so you can easily identify them.

BlueDot's forms have built in intelligence and are flexible, so that you can fill them out the way you need to.
USCIS forms change from time to time. Once a form is updated and posted on USCIS it takes us 7 business days to have the form online. You just sit and relax, we take care of the rest.

The Calendar is simple and easy to use.

You can add appointments to your own Calendar or to other users' Calendars. You can also compare two Calendars to find a common opening for an appointment and much more!
BlueDot's calendar can be in sync with Microsoft Office 365 Calendar.

The billing module allows you to keep track of client's balances, enter payments, schedule payments, create invoices and even process payments online*

*A PaySimple Account is required.

BlueDot's reports are powerful!

We have pre-built reports and custom reports. Use BlueDot's Reporting engine to select which columns you wish to include as well as which parameters you want to use to narrow down your results.
All reports are exportable to: Clipboard, CSV, Excel, PDF and Printable.

Visa Bulletin one click away!

BlueDot compares Priority Dates, Country of Birth and Chargeability to create the Visa Bulletin Report automatically.
The Visa Bulletin Report is available for both months posted by government at any given time. It is also available for Action Dates as well as Filing Dates.

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All modules and features are included in your plan.

Law Firm Module

Access for attorneys & paralegals to : Contacts, Cases, Calendar, Immigration Forms, Reminders, Attachments, Checklists, Workflow, Letter Merge, Billing, Reports, on-line Training Videos, etc.

Administrator module

Manage Users, Locations, Catalogs, Processes, Default settings, Checklists, Forms, etc.

Employer module

Access for Employers to review Employee Biographic Information, Case Status, Reports, Shared Documents and Notes, etc.

Foreign Nationals Module

Access for Foreign Nationals to review their Biographic Information,Case Status, Shared Documents and Notes, etc.